Caffi Kiki update

I've been feeling all kinds of things about shutting up shop just before Christmas. Mostly exhausted, but now that my life has resumed...

August Bank Holiday

Can you believe summer is almost over? Well if you're currently looking through your window in North Wales then the answer is probably,...

A Bittersweet Goodbye (To The Park!)

As most of you probably know (unless you're a tourist using Apple Maps- it won't let me change my location!) Caffi Kiki has been running...

Mini Egg Baklava

Greek Easter isn't for another month, so we're going British fusion for this week's recipe!

Greek Lent and Lentil soup

If you've read my last couple of blog posts you'll know that this week marks the start of Sarakosti or Lent in Greece. Fasting Greeks cut...

5 Tips For An Authentic Greek Salad

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be a Greek salad. I mean a proper Greek salad. The kind you probably...

Christmas update

What's on at Caffi Kiki this festive season? Well it's obviously not going to be the Christmas any of us hoped for, but I hope you'll join

August Update

Just a quick one to clear things up as there have been a few changes recently!

Why do drinkers love Bekre Meze?

Bekre Meze is by far the most popular thing on my menu. While it’s not a particularly famous dish in Greece (I can’t ever remember seeing...