Souvlaki takeaway from lakeside

Is there a better holiday memory than biting into a warm pita with the hot sun on your back? Strips of marinated meat that are both juicy and crispy, the zing of the tzatziki balanced by sweet tomato, and hand cut chips soaking up all those flavours… For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, Gyros* is probably the word’s best street-food. The meat (usually pork or chicken) is cooked on a turning spit, like a kebab, which is where the name gyro– round- comes from. Souvl

Winter Update

Just a quick update because people keep asking when I’m closing for winter… I’m not! Well, I’m trying not to. Opening hours At the moment I’m open Wednesday- Saturday from 6pm. Booking is essential as weekends fill up quickly and on the flip side if I have no bookings by 5pm on any day then I won’t be opening. Menu I’m currently serving a three course Greek menu along with some festive specials. I’m also still offering the CellB early bird/pre-cinema special of 3 courses for

Greek Taverna at Caffi Kiki

“Do you know what? I actually feel like I’m abroad somewhere!” He didn’t know it, but the gushing tourist had just made my day. “Honestly, the smell of the cooking, the music, the atmosphere… It’s hard to believe I’m in Wales!” I smiled. This was exactly the vibe that I had hoped to create. From the first meze board that I carried out onto the sunny terrace last June, I knew that I was on my way to achieving it. Meze board My main concept when first designing the menu was to

Kotosoupa (Chicken soup)

Making my favourite soup… Perfect for a cold autumn night and post-travel comedown! #chickensoup #Greece #Greekfood #recipe