Why do drinkers love Bekre Meze?

Bekre Meze is by far the most popular thing on my menu. While it’s not a particularly famous dish in Greece (I can’t ever remember seeing it on a menu!) Bekre Meze is “Blaenau famous” from back in the 90s when my parents had “The Firefly” Greek restaurant on the High Street. For those of you that haven’t already tried it, “our” Bekre Meze is a beef stew, with mushrooms and peppers in red wine, finished off with melted cheese. But in Greece, the dish can be made with veal, por

Greek takeaway from lakeside cafe

For logistical reasons I’ve decided to offer a takeaway service from Lakeside cafe for the time being. This is the menu for Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of June. Please message or call on 07450325119 to pre-order and book a slot between 5.50-8.30 for socially distanced collection. Look forward to seeing you soon 🙂 Look out for next week’s souvlaki special menu! #Food #greek #takeaway

Greek Taverna at Caffi Kiki

“Do you know what? I actually feel like I’m abroad somewhere!” He didn’t know it, but the gushing tourist had just made my day. “Honestly, the smell of the cooking, the music, the atmosphere… It’s hard to believe I’m in Wales!” I smiled. This was exactly the vibe that I had hoped to create. From the first meze board that I carried out onto the sunny terrace last June, I knew that I was on my way to achieving it. Meze board My main concept when first designing the menu was to