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5 top tips with ouzo

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a dusty bottle of ouzo at the back of the drinks cabinet, and this far into lockdown things are starting to get a bit desperate. The problem is, ouzo doesn’t taste quite the same once your tan has faded and the only fish meze you can get your hands from is from the local chippy. So how can you make the most of that forgotten bottle without yearning for sandy beaches and little blue and white tavernas on the Aegean sea? Well that may be impossible, but here are some fun ideas to try out until cheap flights to Greece are back on the table.

1. Ouzo cocktails

If life gives you lemons, make Ouzo Lemonade! or kill two birds with one stone and dust off that Tia Maria you have left over from Christmas to try this Greek version of an Espresso Martini. Yamas!

2. Ouzo Desserts

If you’ve seen my dessert menu at any given time you’ll know that I’m obsessed with combining ouzo with red berries. Why not try making my famous Ouzo Eton Mess (crushed meringue, fresh or frozen berries, raspberry coulis and a dash of ouzo topped with squirty cream) or adding ouzo to a lovely warming apple and blackberry crumble? You deserve it.

3. Ouzo Salad dressing

Look, it’s lockdown, we’re all just doing what we’ve got to do to get through the day, and if a boozy salad is what it takes then that’s just what it takes. Add a dash of ouzo to olive oil and red wine vinegar for a very special salad.

4. Ouzo marinade

The aniseed taste of ouzo works really well with seafood, why not add a dash to a king prawn stir fry? Or try this recipe for OFC. Ouzo Fried Chicken- Of course.

5. Ouzo nostalgia

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some good old fashioned nostalgia, especially at the moment. So get out into this glorious sun, get the photo albums out, crank up some Mikis Theodorakis on Spotify, and serve your ouzo on ice with a little cold water and whatever ethnic snacks are on offer in Lidl. Opa!

ps. Maybe the most important tip of all- especially for rogue teenagers, is that you should never try to top up an ouzo bottle with water!

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