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August Update

Just a quick one to clear things up as there have been a few changes recently!

Just like everyone I've been finding it really hard to figure out what to do with the current situation...

I've had lots of people asking me when I'll be opening up again in the park, and I'm going to be completely honest with you here, until something changes dramatically, it's just not viable for me to do so. As you know, my little cafe does not have the space for social distancing, and I'm reluctant to spend what little money I have left at the moment to invest in screens etc, when lets face it, with some of the scenes we've seen last weekend we could be back in lockdown by the time I've got them up (Excuse the pessimism)

But it's not all doom and gloom!

Despite all that, we still have a few weeks of summer to enjoy responsibly, and that's why I've decided to carry on with my little pop-up restaurant at Lakeside Cafe. The takeaway service has been working well, and I'll continue to take orders with designated 10 minute pick up slots, while also taking bookings for outdoor seating (indoors if the weather is bad...)

I've also just applied to take part in the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme, so I will be open Tuesday-Saturday for the rest of August! (Get in touch to book a table)

Please understand that the health and wellbeing of my staff and community (as well as my own!) has to be the priority at the moment, and I will have strict social distancing measures in place. All food will be served in disposable packaging (compostable where possible) and you will be asked to throw everything away before leaving so as to minimise staff exposure. We have hand sanitising stations set up, and will only be allowing one person in at a time to use the toilet.

This system has been working really well during the day for Lakeside Cafe, so everything is in place to welcome you all back safely!

And with this view...

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