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Gluten Free Options

At Caffi Kiki we’re committed to making sure people with dietary requirements can have the same experience and enjoy a meal out without worrying about allergens or being constricted to the same unimaginative options.

For this reason, we’ve made sure that every option on our main meals menu can be tweaked to provide a gluten free option, with gf bread, wraps, pitta breads, sausages, hash browns and fries. We also keep a completely gluten free fryer, so if you have a severe gluten allergy please let us know when ordering (your order may take a little longer for the fryer to heat up)

All of our soups, specials and cakes are homemade, so we know exactly what goes into them, and we keep a “kitchen bible” with all of our ingredients and allergens for each meal, so if in doubt staff or customers can consult this.

Disclaimer: Gluten free alternatives are harder to source, more expensive and take extra time to prepare, which is not currently reflected in our pricing… However if you do make us get the special stuff out of the freezer and then decide that you’ve “been good” so you can have a “normal cake” for dessert… We can’t promise not to add a “dickhead tax” to your bill at the end 😉

Here are some examples of the gluten free meals on our menu:

Moelwyn Mawr/Moelwyn bach cooked breakfast

GF Porridge with your choice of milk, served with fruit and honey

Avocado, poached egg and smoked salmon on GF toast

Range of GF sandwiches

Roast veg with hummus and olives (option to add garlic and lemon chicken)

Garlic and lemon chicken in a GF wrap with tzatziki, salad and fries

Chilli (meat or veg) with jacket potato, rice or quinoa

Curry of the day with rice

Minute steak with mushrooms, onions and blue cheese sauce, served in a gf sandwich, wrap or pitta bread with salad and fries

Gourmet GF burger with bacon and smoked cheese, served on a bed of salad or with gf bread, with fries.

We can also tailor meals depending on your allergies, just talk to us about your needs and we will do all we can to meet them.

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