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Mini Egg Baklava

Happy Easter!

As last week's blog post was a bit heavy I thought I'd share a fun recipe with you this week!

Greek Easter isn't for another month, so we're going British fusion for this week's recipe and combining two of the best things that British and Greek cuisine have to offer respectively... Mini Eggs and Baklava! What's not to love?

As you've probably noticed, I love mixing things up with my Baklava... Nutella, apple and cinnamon, white chocolate and vanilla...So this was just a natural progression really (and a way to stuff even more Mini Eggs into my face!)

Baklava is not too complicated to make (this is a lot simpler than my Apple Baklava recipe) - the hardest part is probably chopping the Mini Eggs!


2 bags of Mini Eggs (is it just me or are they getting smaller every year?)

300gr Walnuts

1 pack filo pastry

150gr butter

150gr Nutella

100gr Almonds

For the syrup

250gr sugar

250ml water

50gr honey

a squeeze of lemon


Start off by roughly chopping the nuts and Mini Eggs (you'll need a big heavy knife or a food processor) mix them all up in a bowl and set to one side.

Melt your butter and get your pastry and pastry brush ready (I've started getting mine from a Greek supplier- Ormos foods- and it is lifechanging!)

Get your tray ready (I use a glass one so that I can see when it's cooked through!) and brush the whole tray with butter. Put your first layer of filo covering the tray, leaving the edges sticking up if it overlaps- we'll tuck those in later.

For the following layers of pastry we're going to splatter the butter with the brush rather than brushing it on. Layer up about 4 layers of filo, while your Nutella is melting in the microwave (Make sure you remove every scrap of the foil from the rim of the jar!)

Spread a thin layer of Nutella on the pastry (this will help hold everything together) and spread a layer of your nut/Mini Egg mix on top. Add a 2 layers of pastry and repeat for as many times as your pastry/filling ratio will allow (I went for 3) and on your last layer, fold all the edges of pastry that are sticking out onto the top of your baklava, then after covering in butter, put a layer of filo on top, tucking the edges under the baklava to seal it completely. Add the rest of your pastry in the same way and then remember to cut it before it goes in the oven.

While the baklava is baking (at around 200 degrees) you can make your simple syrup. Just add all the ingredients to a pan and allow to boil and then cool. When your baklava is ready (about 20 mins) it should be a nice tanned colour (including underneath!) and the top layers of pastry should have risen.

Pour the syrup over the baklava straight away, and don't worry if it looks like it will explode!

Serve with some vanilla ice cream, and more Mini Eggs and crushed nuts to decorate.

If this sounds too fiddly for you, you can order it to takeaway this weekend only instead! Please let me know if you tried the recipe, I would love to see some photos! And remember to like, share and subscribe if you would like more posts about Greek food and culture!

Kalo Pascha! (Happy Easter!)

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