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Why do drinkers love Bekre Meze?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Bekre Meze is by far the most popular thing on my menu. While it’s not a particularly famous dish in Greece (I can’t ever remember seeing it on a menu!) Bekre Meze is “Blaenau famous” from back in the 90s when my parents had “The Firefly” Greek restaurant on the High Street.

For those of you that haven’t already tried it, “our” Bekre Meze is a beef stew, with mushrooms and peppers in red wine, finished off with melted cheese. But in Greece, the dish can be made with veal, pork, and whatever veg is on hand.

So what does Bekre Meze mean?

Meze, as you may already know, is a bit like Greek tapas. Greeks love picking from lots of small plates rather than having a set plate like the Brits. So what about Bekre?

This is the fun part. Bekre means “drunk.”

The dish originated in Greek “kafeneia” – taverns, where after a few drinks, they would throw the ingredients into a pot on the fire to have something to nibble on to soak up the alcohol…Like the equivalent of Brits popping out for a kebab!

So now we know why Bekre Meze is so popular in Blaenau!

Yiamas! Iechyd da!

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